Kuan Yin, Taiwan
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Huntsman (Taiwan) Ltd
No. 19, Gongye Third Road
Guanyin Dist
Taoyuan City
32853 Taiwan
Phone: +886 3 483 8616
Fax: +886 3 483 9324/483 9094


Country Manager, North East Asia:
David Huang
Phone: +886 3 483 8616 

Technical Service Manager, North East Asia:
Hunter Chen
Environment, Health and Safety: 
Michael Chen
Phone: +886 3 483 8616 ext 254

Human Resources:
Phoebe Peng
Phone: +886 3 483 8616 ext 202



Taiwan's operations include customer service, supply chain, formulation development, technical support, sales & marketing, production and administration. Our business portfolio covers transport, furniture, leisure, construction, appliances, elastomers, ACE, pure MDI, footwear, TPU, performance chemicals and electronic chemicals.

We are one of the market leaders in the automotive, furniture, leisure and footwear industries with a strong position in construction, TPU, ACE and performance chemicals.

Taiwan's system house produces flexible and rigid polyol blends for the domestic market, as well as for exporting to other Asian countries.

We have an excellent understanding of Taiwan's small, entrepreneurial family companies, and provide a fast response service that is specially tailored to this market.