Ternate, Italy
Ternate site

Secondary seat with permanent legal representation
Via Mazzini, 58, 21020 TERNATE (VA), ITALY
Tel.:  +39 0332 941 111
Fax.: +39 0332 941 264 

A business unit of Huntsman Corporation - Polyurethanes Division


Araldite / Aradur Contacts (Advanced Materials)

Site Operations Manager
Riccardo De Cesare  
Tel.: +39 0332 941 325

Finance Manager
Oscar Loris Tortolato  
Tel.: +39 0332 941 373 

Maria-Carla Gusmini
Tel.: +39 0332 941 251

Human Resources Officer: 
Pinuccia Parise
Tel.: +39 0332 941 343

Supply Chain & Customer Service Mgr & EHS Mgr
Jacopo Gatti
Tel.: +39 0332 941 301
Fax: +39 0332 941 257

Ilaria Melani
+39 0332 941 235

Luca Vicenzutto
+39 0332 941 312

Employees: 116



The Huntsman Polyurethanes Ternate system house is 45 km (28 miles) from Milan, close to Malpensa Airport (20 km - 12.5 miles), the Swiss border and a main road system. The site was founded in 1965 as part of the US-based Atlas Chemical Industries. It became part of ICI in 1974 and part of Huntsman in 1999.

From 2009 the Site became the secondary seat of Tioxide Europe Scarlino. 

Ternate is also the base for the Rigids applications technical team. The Technical Centre in Ternate supplies technical solutions for customers, ensuring Huntsman Polyurethanes remains a leader in technical developments for Construction and Appliance applications.

The site is the commercial and production center of polyurethane systems for Italy, South Europe, East Europe, Africa and Middle East. Huntsman's commercial and technical service teams for all of southern Europe are located in Ternate.

In 2008 an old building, previously used for Vacuum Panels technology, was restructured to host members of Huntsman's Textile Effects division.

In 2009 a contract for steam supply was signed, followed by the completion of the steam distribution network:  from a cogeneration plant, close to our site, to our distribution central. This project resulted in the boilerhouse shutdown, with significant fixed costs saving and a positive impact on the environment with lower CO2 emission.

Production data

Investments since 1992 have included a raw material and isocyanate storage facility, rigid development center, renovation and blenders automation.

The production blender capacity is 53,000 tpa, of which 45,500 tpa are rigid blends and 7,500 tpa are flexible blends. Production activities are fully automated, contributing to a high standard of manufacturing.

Business excellence and certifications

Ternate site obtained the first ISO 9001 certification in January 1992 covering the following activities: research, development, technical service, production and sales of polyurethane systems and chemicals of the Polyurethanes Business.

In 1995, the site was certificated according to UNI EN ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System). In addition, it was EMAS registered in 1998, in compliance with EC Directive 1836-93.

In 1999 the certification according to BS 8800 as Occupational Health and Safety Management System was added.

In 2001, the site complied with the OHSAS 18001 (as a replacement of BS 8800) integrated with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. In the same year, the new standard ISO 9000 Vision 2000 was implemented and the ISO 9001:2000 certification was received from DNV.

In 2004, the site fulfilled EMAS Registration standards according to the new EC Directive 761/2002 known as "EMAS II".

As requested by EMAS the “Environmental Declaration” was issued: Environmental Declaration 2006   -  Annual update of 2007

Ternate is the first example of Integrated Management System for Quality, Environment and Safety in the Huntsman group.