Composite Wood Products: EAMEI

I-BOND®range: innovative and differentiated resin technologies

Our team of experts has developed the I-BOND®family of fast curing MDI resins to provide tailor
made, cost effective solutions for the composite wood panel (CWP) industry.

I-BOND®resins are powerful, non-added formaldehyde, fast cure resins that are used to produce
composite wood panels that comply with the most stringent standards. Solutions are available for

  • Oriented strand board (OSB)
  • Medium density fiberboard (MDF)
  • Particleboard (PB)
  • Wood fiber insulation board (WFI).

Complementary release agents: I-RELEASE®range

To complement the I-BOND® range we have developed I-RELEASE® internal and external systems.
Offering perfect release performance they are designed to smooth the production of: OSB, MDF, PB,

A reliable partnership
Our CWP team provides technical assistance to customers, offering support to optimize production
processes and trouble shoot process and application issues.

We also work with our customers to create production environments that comply with the highest
quality control and safety standards