When I-BOND® resins are applied to the surface of wood particles (strands,particles or fibres) it wets the wood uniformly and then spreads and penetrates into it.

I-BOND® resins contain no added formaldehyde (NAF) and are considered "exempt" under requirements of the California Air Resources Board (CARB)standards. Using I-BOND® resins classifies products as both CARB I and CARB II compliant.

I-BOND® resins are also compliant to the European EPF-S standard, as well as the Japanese F**** formaldehyde emission standard.


Product Stewardship

We manage the impact of our products throughout their life cycle, meticulously monitoring:

  • Product design and development
  • Supply of raw materials
  • Manufacture
  • Storage, packaging and distribution
  • Use of chemicals
  • Use of final products
  • Recycling, reuse and disposal.

Careful product stewardship helps ensure that our products are promoted,distributed and used with the utmost respect for the environment, and the health and safety of our customers.

Industrial Hygiene

Our industrial hygiene specialists work closely with our customers to set targeted and achievable objectives that can:

  • Improve workplace conditions
  • Ensure compliance with international or company standards.

Customer-focused support includes the provision of technical literature and
other services such as:

  • Workplace monitoring
  • Training
  • Site audits.

Our team of specialists can also help customers resolve potential EHS issues.

Bulk audits

Huntsman can provide its customers with the necessary advice and support on requirements for bulk storage and dosing of I-BOND® resins. The company's team of experts can provide customers with all the basic information to assist them with the design and inspection of bulk storage facilities.


Walk the Talk

We offer our composite wood products (CWP) customers training to improve work-related behavior when handling Huntsman products.
Eighty per cent of occupational accidents are behavior related and can be avoided by making simple changes to working practices. ISOPA (the European diisocyanate and polyol producers association) member companies have launched an industry wide program called Walk the Talk.

Walk the talk