DaltoPIR® insulation - a new technology to improve fire-rated PIR panel production

Our DaltoPIR® fire-rated, PIR-based insulation technology provides panel manufacturers with improved
performance and manufacturing benefits, while offering enhanced fire performance properties.

In Europe, our new DaltoPIR® insulation technology offers a broad range of benefits including:

  • More stable and consistent processing
  • Better panel planarity
  • Higher line speeds possible
  • Foam with low friability
  • Long-term panel properties


  • Commercial and industrial buildings
  • Self-supporting roofs and walls
  • Commercial and residential entry and garage door panels
  • Commercial refrigeration
  • Refrigerated transport vehicles

Our new DaltoPIR ® insulation technology has been fully integrated into a novel product portfolio, which contains a range of different foam systems for various laminator conditions and fire rating standards.


Discover the full range including the complementary products:

- DaltoPIR®FR, HFR, and XHFR fire-rated PIR-based solutions
- Fire/non-fire rated PUR-based solutions
- DaltoPUR®FR meets Cs3d0 in SBI tests as a minimum, with improved foam processing
- DaltoPIR®PRIM primer for PIR production
- DaltoSTICK® adhesives for non-foam panels


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