One component foam (OCF)

Available in pressurized cans at retail locations, methylene diphenyl diisocyanate (MDI)-based one component polyurethane foam (OCF) is a self-expanding, self-adhesive, moisture-curing gap filler. This type of polyurethane insulation is used around doors and window jams in construction projects, as well as gaps around pipes, television cables, outdoor vents, soffits and more. One component foam reduces air leakage in buildings by completely sealing air infiltration points.

OCF bonds quickly to a variety of substrates including wood, masonry, metal, glass and many plastics. This fast-curing material hardens into a protective plastic foam that prevents air and moisture infiltration. When completely cured, OCF can be cut, sanded, plastered over and painted.


  • New and retrofit construction projects
  • Window and door frame jams
  • Outside wall penetrations from gas lines, television wires, water pipes, and more