Our KRYSTALFLEX® optical aliphatic (OA) TPU product portfolio has been improved and expanded over the years for specification across the laminated glass industry.

The films we produce are engineered for performance, fully compatible with polycarbonate and suitable for use in either industrial autoclaves or smaller laminating ovens.


  • Low-haze solution with outstanding clarity and good light
  • Plasticizer-free
  • A wide range of products including low modulus grades which enable low laminating temperatures and shorter cycle times
  • Fully compatible with polycarbonate
  • Superior levels of adhesion and the ability to bond dissimilar substrates
  • Resistant to UV degradation
  • Good stability in humid conditions and at temperature extremes
  • High elongation and tensile strength to protect against impact
  • Soft, tough, elastic and lightweight


  • Physical containment and security barriers in buildings
  • Windows and roofs
  • Impact and ballistic resistant glazing
  • Lamination and encapsulation in the electronics sector