Irogran An exceptional TPU favored for extrusion and injection molding applications including wire & cable, hoses & tubes, film & sheet, seals and other technical parts.
Irostic Adhesive grade TPUs designed for high-performance bonding projects in footwear, automotive and many other industrial fields.
A family of crosslinkers for TPU solutions that enhance heat resistance, adhesion, hydrolysis and chemical resistance. Mainly used for solvent-based TPU adhesive solutions, IRODUR® can also be used as a primer or a crosslinker for rubber materials.
Krystalflex A long-established brand of optical aliphatic (OA) TPU films, which helps set the standard for interlayer laminating films within the glass industry.
Krystalgran Aliphatic-based resins that offer outstanding benefits for optical and non-optical applications such as display screens, traffic signs and protective films.
Avalon A range of TPU products (soft, perform and crystal) that enable casual, sport and leisure and professional footwear manufacturers to develop tough yet comfortable shoes in a variety of designs and colors.
Smartlite Soft, durable injection-moldable materials suitable for unit soles or for combining with polyurethane midsoles to produce hard wearing dual density outsoles. SMARTLITE® grades are also ideal for molding logos, inserts and decorative trims.