Municipal waste water


Our process, P-Elimination Plus, can help solve one of the most difficult problems in biological sewage treatment plants. The reproduction of certain filamentous bacteria often generates what is known as floating and bulking sludge, which are difficult to remove. This bacteria can therefore cause major problems in the plant operation.

Huntsman’s P-Elimination Plus replaces the iron compound that is normally used in biological treatments with an aluminum compound. The biocenosis is altered and filamentous bacteria which cause floating and bulking sludge may even be no longer detectable after a single sludge age.

To achieve this type of success, the dosing and type of application must be carefully adjusted to suit the waste water conditions. Huntsman’s water treatment team helps customers develop the right solution using both laboratory and field trials in plants.

Products available:
BIOTOL® 13 additive
BIOTOL® 16 additive
BIOTOL® 23 additive
BIOTOL® 26 additive
EKOFIXTM R flocculant
EKOFIXTM KA flocculant
EKOFIXTM R5 FE flocculant
SACHTOKLAR® 39 FE flocculant
SACHTOPUR® flocculant
SACHTOPUR® FE flocculant
SACHTOPUR® R15 FE flocculant
SYNTHOFLOCTM polyelectrolytes series


Municipal waste water