12 Sep 06
Huntsman Textile Effects announces price increases for selected textile dyes and chemicals
  • Selected price increases of up to 10% in Europe, Middle East and Africa
  • Ongoing commitment to provide customers with consistent levels of innovation, quality and services
  • Increases necessary to ensure sustainability, allow continued investment and offset rise in price of raw materials, energy and transportation

Huntsman today announced that, effective October 1 or as contracts allow, its Textile Effects Business is selectively increasing the prices of textile dyes and chemicals in Europe, the Middle East and Africa
by up to 10%.

“Our superior products and services clearly add value for our customers,” explains Michael Effing, Vice President of Textile Effects Region Europe, Middle East and Africa. “We are very pleased with the smooth transition and integration from Ciba Specialty Chemicals to Huntsman. We want to continue providing our customers with innovative textile products as a basis for design, manufacturing and product differentiation. We are committed to further invest and to grow the business as the market leader for textile solutions. We are also continuing invest in innovation in order to further enhance the performance of textiles, at the same time providing robust and cost-efficient manufacturing processes as well as taking difficult restructuring decisions.”

According to Michael Effing, measures to improve the businesses cost position and productivity are ongoing, but cannot completely compensate for increased input costs, such as those of raw materials, energy and transportation.