13 Dec 11
Huntsman Textile Effects to Drive Sustainable Excellence and Higher Standards for Vietnam Textile Industry

Singapore – Huntsman Textile Effects has intensified efforts to help drive the Vietnam textile industry towards higher standards and to deliver environmental sustainability as it taps into the rapidly growing textile market, now expected to reach $13.5 billion in its export of textiles and garments by end 2011.

Huntsman Textile Effects will hold an inaugural seminar which will highlight key issues that will impact the textile business as well as to offer total textile solutions, that Huntsman Textile Effects can bring to improve overall cost efficiency and to enhance textile differentiation and quality without compromising the pressing needs of the environment.
The half day seminar targeted at the mills will be held on 14 Dec, KiKyo Ballroom at the Legend Hotel. Participants will also be one of the first globally to hear about the latest developments on Huntsman Textile Effects’s groundbreaking revolutionary AVITERA® SE technology and processes that will optimize the industry’s productivity and environmental sustainability standards. 

This seminar will also be attended by Huntsman Textile Effects’s global management team including Mr Paul Hulme, President, Mr. Rohit Aggarwal, Vice President, Strategic Marketing and Planning and Mr. Kent E. Kvaal, Vice President Sales and Technical Resources.

Sustainability Through Innovation: Next Wave Launch of AVITERA® SE Technology Brings Wider Range of Colors to Meet Every Need

Huntsman Textile Effects believes that innovative technology is the key to driving environmental sustainability and in making a real global difference. Continuing from the success from its initial launch in October 2010, AVITERA® SE from Huntsman Textile Effects continues to make strides in contributing to the sustainability of one of the earth’s most precious resources – water. 

AVITERA® SE is a revolutionary, ground breaking technology th at help significantly reduce water and energy consumption and CO2 emissions since the dyeing and washing-off process never exceed 60°C. With only five percent or less unfixed dye needing to be removed instead of the usual 15 percent to 30 percent, the number of rinsing baths to obtain the required fastness properties is greatly reduced.

Launching the next wave of the AVITERA® SE polyreactive dyes for exhaust application on cellulosic fibers, the improved range now features a broad palette color spectrum that includes the palest to the deepest and the darkest shades. 

In the first six months after AVITERA®SE was launched in 2010, Huntsman Textile Effects estimates that the cotton mills using the new product have saved 32 million gallons (121 million liters) of fresh water – equivalent to 48 Olympic-size swimming pools. That water-savings potential amounts to one quart (1.3 litres) of fresh water per person per day in major Asian textile processing countries.

Optimized Processes for Higher Productivity

The Productivity Improvement Program – or PIP is a unique Huntsman Textile Effects initiative that helps textile mills to maximize its productivity and profit. PIP takes a comprehensive audit of the day-to-day manufacturing processes and makes core recommendations to improve productivity and profitability. By working in close partnership with some of our customers all over the world, it has been shown to reduce water consumption by as much as 50%, reduced energy consumption by 30% and by saving time and increasing production by 30 % and more.  Critically it also has been shown to increase Right First Time by 95% and in some cases even more.

Commented Paul Hulme, President, Huntsman Textile Effects, “Huntsman Textile Effects believe that we have a responsibility to adopt and to offer the latest technologies such as AVITERA® SE and PIP that not only cuts water consumption and reduces energy consumption but al so to empower our customers to develop their businesses by lowering processing costs and improving overall productivity. The future of Vietnam’s textile industry is promising and an important market for Huntsman Textile Effects. We look forward to work in collaborative partnerships to further our efforts to provide total textile solutions that will deliver economic and environmental sustainability for textile mills in Vietnam.”

Vietnam’s textile industry has developed rapidly in recent years with the strong support from the local government offering strong incentives to attract foreign investment. Since joining the World Trade Organisation (WTO) at the beginning of 2007, the industry has become a vital economic force within the country and represents a growing market that has seen the exporting of textiles and garments growing exponentially to the value from US$5.8 billion in 2006 to $11.7 billion after the first ten months of 2011, making it Vietnam’s second largest export earner after crude oil.

The industry is also home to a number of leading textile and garment enterprises which buyers from a number of the world’s leading textile and apparel companies including Kmart, JC Penney, Tommy Hilfiger, Victoria’s Secret, Lee Cooper and Wal-Mart, source their apparels.

Huntsman Textile Effects is the global leader in developing total textile solutions across all aspects of the textile chain and is committed as the global leader in developing sustainable, high performing processing and effects chemicals that have low environmental impact with significant reductions in energy and time.

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