13 Sep 06
New 3P concept protects polyamide during processing

Basel, Switzerland, September 8, 2006 – Developed by Huntsman’s Textile Effects business segment, the new 3P Concept ensures that polyamide fibers retain their high quality during processing. The 3P Concept comprises products and processes that protect fabrics from damage during processing steps such as high-temperature dyeing, drying, heat setting and molding, as well as during storage and use. The Concept prevents yellowing or browning and promotes shade and whiteness consistency.

“Lack of protection during processing results in poor quality, yellowing, fading of colors or whites, loss of mechanical properties, and irreversible fiber damage,” said Peter Otto, Global Head of Marketing in Textile Effects. “To prevent this, full white or dyed polyamide fabrics often require high resistance to different heat processing treatments. The 3P Concept ensures that the polyamide fiber is protected during processing, allowing costs to be reduced and adding lasting value to textiles.”

The 3P Concept allows all processing methods to be used without impairment of fiber quality resulting from thermal damage. Innovative fiber care processes are designed for items such as dyed or fluorescent whitened knitted and woven fabrics. Protection during processing is especially important with stretch fabrics for leisure-, sports- and swimwear as well as for intimate garments.

The 3P Concept can be used in conjunction with fluorescent whitening agents and with ERIOFAST® reactive dyes for polyamide, which have excellent fastness and give bright shades, as well as with other dyes.

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