21 Mar 07
Silpure® Alliance between Huntsman Textile Effects and Thomson Research Associates

Silpure is a state-of-the-art antimicrobial that harnesses the powerful qualities of silver for lasting freshness in treated garments. 

  • Cooperation agreement for TRA’s Silpure antimicrobial technology
  • Expansion to new consumer markets and regions

In a joint statement Thomson Research Associates of Toronto, Canada (TRA) and Huntsman Textile Effects of Basel, Switzerland (HTE) today announced that the two companies have agreed to work together in developing and marketing TRA’s Silpure® antibacterial technology.
Silpure® utilizes the natural ability of silver to limit the growth of odor-causing bacteria and represents a new generation antibacterial technology for topical application to textiles.
“There is a growing demand among consumers worldwide for lasting freshness in garments, home, and technical textiles,” says Paul Hulme, president Materials & Effects. “Since its first commercial introduction 18 months ago Silpure® has been enthusiastically received by the textile industries, and we at Huntsman consider it a natural fit with our strategy of bringing innovative and effective solutions to our clients.”
“Silpure® is a new technology, but its success is backed by over 50 years’ experience of developing antibacterial treatments for use in a wide range of industries,” said Dr. Laval Yau, president of Thomson Research Associates. “We believe that Silpure’s huge potential as a ground-breaking new product will be fully realized by this alliance with Huntsman, with its unmatched resources and proven track record in sales to global industries.”
Thomson Research Associates, whose headquarters are in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, sells its Ultra-Fresh® brand directly and through distributors worldwide to over 200 companies in more than 40 countries. The brand and its logo promise the highest standards of antimicrobial protection.

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