24 Jun 11
High Definition Color Carpet System - New LANASET® CDP - Carpet Digital Printing - A Small Range With Big Benefits From Huntsman Textile Effects











Singapore, June 23, 2011 – Huntsman Textile Effects is pleased to present LANASET®CDP, a new range of highly concentrated dyes custom designed for polyamide jet printing carpet materials. CDP stands for both Carpet Digital Printing as well as for Custom Designed for jet Printing. The new formulation has highly concentrated free flowing granules with excellent solubility and is extremely stable. A higher yield together with enhanced solubility reduces the negative impact of the dyes on thickener viscosity leading to significant reduction of dye and thickener usage and lower recipe costs.

In line with Huntsman’s philosophy of innovating for sustainability throughout the textile chain, the LANASET® CDP range delivers true value to the carpet printing industry as it helps printers save time and money through process optimization. The overall lower water and chemical consumption helps seriously reduce the environmental impact.

This small range of dyes is a power package as LANASET® CDP can provide full coverage of the typical shade gamut in carpet jet printing. The overall benefits for printers are manifold: A single custom designed formulation means easier handling, less inventory, more predictable outcomes and finally better reproducibility as conditions remain constant. All the above with the added value of lower process costs and safer working conditions.

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Loraine Stantzos
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