20 Sep 11
High Speed, High Resolution Digital Textile Printing! Huntsman Textile Effects at SGIA Expo, New Orleans, USA - October 19-21, 2011, Booth 2921









Singapore, September 20, 2011 – The market for high speed, high resolution digital printing is virtually exploding with a number of machine makers producing industrial scale digital machines that match traditional flat bed printing technology. Huntsman Textile Effects has been working closely with such manufacturers and has the products necessary to meet market needs.

Recently a number of machine makers have developed and are now launching new industrial scale digital machines that can achieve costs in the same order of magnitude of traditional flat bed printing technology with the added benefits of digital printing. What you can now get is high definition 600X600 DPI design, 300 linear m/h printing, fast lead times, energy savings and the flexibility of short or long runs.

Textile Effects is also at the forefront of the growing digital market with textile inks for all types of digital printing machines and piezo print heads including the new industrial concepts. Two ink ranges that stand out in the US market are:

• TERASIL® BRITE is a new generation of sublimation inks engineered for brighter, deeper colors on directto-textile prints,
• LYOSPERSE® GP, a dynamic range of pigment inks for use in printing any type of fabric

Over and above that, the following demonstrates our offering for the new high speed digital market:

- ERIOFAST® XKS is the only Kyocera certified hybrid ink range for printing polyamide fibers such as nylon and silk, and cellulosic fibers such as cotton and linen with one ink range on one machine.

- TERASIL® XKS disperse inks range is the on ly Kyocera certified ink range containing elements with azophthalimide chemistry giving extremely high washing fastness resistance.

- NOVACRON® XKS, a 9-color reactive dye ink range featuring a new high light fastness element.

- LANASET® XKS - A complete range of acid inks

(All XKS ranges are fully compatible with the Kyocera printing head used on machines like new Stork Sphene, the Reggiani Renoir, the MS JP6 and JPK, and La Meccanica’s QualiJet K printing machines).

Over and above that, we have the new NOVACRON® RHK range specifically developed for single pass printing technology adopted for the new Super High Speed RIO machine introduced by MS.

We do not just sell products; we provide a comprehensive service that covers the whole textile value chain. Seriously sustainable innovations from Huntsman Textile Effects are making a difference.

Meet us in New Orleans – Booth 2921!

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