10 Oct 11
A Creative And Entertaining Story Of Sustainability - “How To Lose Water Weight”








Singapore, October 6, 2011– Huntsman Textile Effects has collaborated with the innovative company Source4Style and it's Co-founder Summer Rayne Oakes to create a video that tells a story surrounding sustainability in relation to the textile industry. These video, which will be released and aired in October 2011, was created in a light and entertaining fashion to sensitize both the industry and consumers to the seriousness of sustainability.

Taking its global leadership role seriously, Huntsman Textile Effects has initiated an innovative and unconventional information campaign on the topic of sustainability which is designed to push the boundaries as well as raise awareness levels amongst brands, retailers and consumers in a simple and entertaining fashion. This includes a video made in collaboration with Summer Rayne Oakes, producer of “The Cutting Edge,” short videos about sustainability in textiles. In partnership, we have produced a playful, tongue-in-cheek video to get important sustainable design topics into the public domain. With water currently hotly debated, as world water demand and chemical loads in our environment continue to increase, the video is appropriately titled: “How to Lose Water Weight”. This video will be launched in October 2011 and will be disseminated to the widest audience possible including publication on social media such as twitter, youtube, select blogs as well as presentation at a series of events. Reputable organizations that are dedicated to sustainability such as the RITE Group, as well as Ecotextile News magazine will run the video on their websites and during their upcoming seminars and conferences.

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