26 Oct 11
Discover Digital Developments In An Exploding Market - Huntsman Textile Effects At India Inkjet ‘11, Mumbai, India, November 18-19, 2011










Singapore, October 26, 2011 – The upcoming International Conference on Inkjet Printing Technology, Inkjet India 2011, will provide better insight and focus on the inkjet printing industry in India and innovations taking place in this segment which can benefit the Indian industry. It will offer in-depth analysis on the progress of inkjet printing technology in India. Hosting world-class speakers, this conference is focused on creating a quality knowledge platform. An expert speaker from Huntsman Textile Effects’ digital division will contribute to the success of this conference.

Following the success and high demand for digital printing at the recent ITMA in Barcelona, Textile Effects, which is at the forefront of the growing digital market, will present innovations that include textile inks for all types of digital printing machines and piezo print heads including the new industrial concepts.
Huntsman Textile Effects offers the complete range of inks required to print on all textile fibers and has the capability to modify ink ranges to suit individual print heads and machines. The ability to modify inks for different printing systems coupled with expert textile processing know how achieved through our long experience in traditional printing can greatly assist traditional printing companies in making a move to digital.

Some facts and figures to underline our offering on the digital market:
- ERIOFAST® XKS is the only Kyocera certified hybrid ink range for printing polyamide and cellulosic fibers with one ink range on one machine.
- TERASIL® XKS disperse inks with high wash and light f astness are fully approved by Kyocera.
- NOVACRON® XKS, a 9-color reactive dye ink range featuring a new high light fastness element.
- LANASET® XKS - a complete range of acid inks
- All XKS ranges are fully compatible with the new Stork Sphene, the Reggiani Renoir, the MS JP6 and JPK, and La Meccanica’s QualiJet K printing machines.
- In the past year, HUNTSMAN has introduced a wide range of plotters inks that include a complete selections of reactive (NOVACRON® MI or HV) , disperse (TERASIL® DI HL plus W, TERASIL® BRITE), acid dyes (LANASET® SIHS) and pigments (LYOSPERSE® GP) for different heads technology such as EPSON, SEIKO or RICOH .

ERIOFAST®, LANASET®, LYOSPERSE®, NOVACRON® and TERASIL® are registered trademarks of Huntsman Corporation or an affiliate thereof in one or more, but not all countries.

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