06 Apr 11
Huntsman Textile Effects at Interdye China - The Cutting Edge of Innovation




Singapore, April 6, 2011– Huntsman Textile Effects will exhibit at the Interdye Event in Shanghai, China from April 26 – 28, 2011 – BOOTH A122

China Interdye continues to set its goals on upgrading the industry, pioneering in textile dyes and chemicals and promoting the textile industry. As all these goals very closely match those of Huntsman Textile Effects, we take this prestigious fair very seriously and shall be present with a team of experts. We invest heavily in innovation that is focused on making processes and products more sustainable and at the same time on reducing costs.

Huntsman Textile Effects, the integrated solutions provider, will be showcasing futuristic products and processes that highlight the efforts we are making to serve both our customers and the environment. Besides innovation in dyes, Textile Effects is also at the forefront of the growing digital market with textile inks for all types of digital printing machines and piezo print heads including the new industrial concepts.

What you can expect to discover:
• NOVACRON®, the reactive dye range which keeps reinventing itself and gets better all the time

• TERASIL®, the super disperse range perfect for polyester/polyamide blends, custom designed for sportswear, swimwear and lingerie

• High Performance Finishes: From stain repellants over flame retardants to cool comfort, moisture management and freshness effects, Huntsman has the full gamut of finishes for every need

• TERASIL® BRITE is a new generation of sublimation inks engineered for brighter, de eper colors on direct-to-textile prints

• LYOSPERSE® GP, a dynamic range for use in printing nearly any type of fabric

All this and more at the Huntsman Textile Effects booth, please come and visit us!

Loraine Stantzos, tel: +41 61 29 90 661