10 Aug 11
Huntsman Reduces the Water Footprint of Textile Dyeing, 2011 Sustainable Textiles Conference, Barcelona, Spain










Singapore, August 8, 2011 - Following the sustainability seminar in April, the renowned Textile Exchange is now hosting a three-day conference on the subject of sustainable textiles. 2011 is being seen as the year of sustainability as this topic is rapidly gaining recognition and being increasingly embraced throughout the textile chain. Huntsman Textile Effects will be attending this important conference alongside other industry leaders, and we will make a presentation showcasing our innovations developed to save water in significant quantities.

Water, A Precious Resource: Reducing the Water Footprint of Textile Dyeing presented by John Murphy, Technical Resource Director at Huntsman Textile Effects. Today, everyone is talking about 'responsibility' and ‘sustainability.’ Efforts toward enhancing environmental acceptability in the textile industry are largely focused on: Minimizing pollution and waste, and optimizing the use of energy, water and chemicals. This session, on Tuesday, September 20 at 14:00 hours, will focus on water which is one of the Earth’s most precious resources. Learn how Huntsman is working to reduce the footprint through water.

What makes seminars of this nature especially relevant is that they offer a platform for those who are concerned about environmental issues to meet and share experiences and know-how. Huntsman Textile Effects takes the topic of sustainability truly seriously, which is why we participate in such events with a view to having a forward thinking exchange with like-minded professionals from the industry.

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