01 Sep 11
Huntsman Textile Effects Storms the Digital Printing Charts, at ITMA, Barcelona, Spain • 22 – 29 September 2011 • Huntsman Booth: Hall 4-B125








Singapore, September 1, 2011 - Digital Textile Printing is increasingly becoming a much more cost effective alternative to conventional printing for medium and short run lengths. Every key machine manufacturer with a significant presence in the conventional textile printing area has already presented or is ready to launch new industrial digital machines utlilizing latest Print head technologies that will revolutionize the printing market. And Huntsman Textile Effects, through our close collaboration with machine and print head manufacturers, is part and parcel of this revolution with high quality inks that deliver to the highest standards.

Some facts and figures to underline our offering on the digital market:

- ERIOFAST®XKS is the only Kyocera certified hybrid ink range for printing polyamide and cellulosic fibers with one ink range on one machine.

- TERASIL® XKS disperse inks range are the only certified Kyocera inks containing elements with azophthalimide chemistry giving extremely high washing fastness resistance.

- NOVACRON® XKS, a 9-color reactive dye ink range featuring a new high light fastness element.

- LANASET® XKS - A complete range of acid inks

- All XKS ranges are fully compatible with the Kyocera printing head used on machines like new Stork Sphene, the Reggiani Renoir, the MS JP6 and JPK, and La Meccanica’s QualiJet K printing machines.

Over and above that, we have the new NOVACRON® RHK range specifical ly developed for single pass printing technology adopted for the new High Speed RIO machine introduced by MS.

Textile Effects will shortly introduce the new 11 color NOVACRON® HV reactive ink range developed for Seiko print head machines.

Come and meet us at our booth at ITMA - Hall 4-B125!

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