01 Nov 10
A Revolution in Exhaust Dyeing!

A Revolution in Exhaust Dyeing!









Water and energy savings of 50% and more!

Singapore, November 1,2010 -  New AVITERA™ SE reactive dyes, together with ERIOPON® LT clearing additive, provide an exceptionally low-temperature, low resources consumption processing system for cellulosic fibers and their blends. Temperatures that never exceed 60°C, combining with short dyeing and washing-off cycles drastically reduce water consumption, save time, energy and cut carbon dioxide emissions.

“This ground-breaking new technology, which allows water and energy savings of 50% and more, is an opportunity for mills, brands and retailers to make a real difference,” says Stephen Gray, Vice-President Research & Technology. “AVITERA™ SE dyes and ERIOPON® LT have a unique set of properties that ensure much lower processing costs, yet high-quality results and greatly improved environmental acceptability. All of these benefits make a key contribution to sustainability in textile processing.”

High solubility allow AVITERA™ SE dyes to be applied at ultra-short liquor ratios and ensure much lower processing costs. With their outstanding compatibility and low sensitivity to dyeing parameters, the dyes give excellent lab-to-bulk and bulk-to-bulk shade reproducibility, minimizing reprocessing. 

The first three dyes to be introduced, AVITERA™ SE Yellow, Red and Deep Blue, form a highly compatible system that provides a wide choice of medium to dark shades. The range is to be expanded with dyes for pale and very deep shades.

ERIOPON® LT low-temperature clearing additive is especially designed for AVITERA™ SE dyeings on c ellulosic fibers and their blends. Unfixed and hydrolyzed dyes can be washed off in record time at 60°C, yet today’s wash and wet fastness requirements are met.

AVITERA™ SE dyeing technology can achieve still further improvements in terms of results, sustainability and cost management in conjunction with Huntsman's GENTLE POWER BLEACH™. This novel pretreatment system uses breakthrough enzyme technology for dependable, low-temperature bleaching at neutral pH. Lower treatment and rinsing temperatures enable water and energy consumption during pretreatment to be reduced by as much as 40%.

Marks & Spencer has trialled the AVITERA™ SE & ERIOPON® LT technology with one of their key suppliers and it has found the results very encouraging. A spokesperson for M&S said "The trial results demonstrated the potential that AVITERA™ SE & ERIOPON® LT have for reducing water and energy use, improving productivity as well as ensuring high quality results. We believe that this type of technology will help our suppliers deliver our Plan A* aspirations for improving the sustainability of the textile supply chain.

Here's a chance for all to make a real difference and preserve the environment with AVITERA™ SE & ERIOPON® LT.

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