Acid Dyes


Dye type : Acid leveling dyes

TECTILON® range of acid leveling dyes are designed for pale-to-medium depth on polyamide (PA). These low-molecular, mono-sulfonated acid dyes deliver the highest light fastness, even for very pale shades. They also offer outstanding migration, compatibility and excellent leveling properties, along with very good coverage of physical affinity differences (barriness).  TECTILON® is widely used on PA carpet, but it is also ideal for pale pantyhose and lingerie.


Dye type : Half-milling acid dyes (except Black and Turquoise)

ERIONYL® A are mono-sulfonated and di-sulfonated acid dyes with medium-to-good migration and leveling properties. The trichromatic elements cover a broad shade spectrum and the range contains additional dyes for brilliant fashion shades. They show good build up on different types of polyamide fibers and have good wetfastness properties up to medium shades; deep shades require after-treatment with ERIONAL FRN. Good coverage of physical barriness is obtained when combined with UNIVADINE® MC.


Dye type : Acid milling dyes

ERIONYL® B are di-sulfonated acid dyes for very bright and brilliant shades with good wetfastness and lightfastness properties. They are mainly used individually for brilliant self-shades, rather than as trichromatic elements.


Dye type : Fluorescent dyes

The two most important neon dyes for polyamide and blends with elastane, ERIONYL® FF has very high color strength and state-of-the-art fastness level.