1:2 Metal Complex Dyes


Dye type : Non-sulfonated 1:2 metal complex dyes

The LANACRON® N range is comprised of selected specialties which demonstrate very high lightfastness for wool when combined with UV-FAST W. Ideal for automotive requirements, LANACRON® N dyes show excellent leveling properties through a steady, uniform exhaustion rate and outstanding fiber coverage. Their general fastness properties fulfill high requirements for both processing and end-use fastness.


Dye type : Mono-sulfonated 1:2 metal complex dyes (neutral dyes)
Fiber : Wool, silk, polyamide and its blends
Application : Loose stock, slubbing, yarn, carpet yarns, fabric

LANACRON® S dyes work in slightly acidic conditions for high build-up and good leveling properties. They are suitable when high lightfastness and washfastness are required.