Acid Dyes


Dye type : Acid leveling dyes

The TECTILON® range of acid leveling dyes are designed for pale-to-medium depth on sheep’s wool (WO). These low-molecular, mono-sulfonated acid dyes deliver the highest light fastness, even for very pale shades. They also offer outstanding migration, compatibility and excellent leveling properties.

TECTILON® is widely used for pale shades in piece dyeing and, with NEOLAN P, for bright pale shades. It is also a problem solver for yarn package dyeing. On wool, TECTILON® is applied from a strong acid bath (formic acid). The dyes show a relatively rapid exhaustion but have excellent migration and leveling properties at the boil.


Dye type : Half-milling acid dyes (except Black and Turquoise)

ERIONYL® A are mono-sulfonated and di-sulfonated acid dyes with medium-to-good migration and leveling properties. On wool, these dyes are noted for high shade intensity and are used mainly for bright shades where NEOLAN® P and LANASET® have limitations. They are applied on wool from a weak acid bath. For good leveling, ALBEGAL® A is recommended.


Dye type : Acid milling dyes

ERIONYL® B are di-sulfonated acid dyes for very bright and brilliant shades with good wetfastness and lightfastness properties. They are mainly used individually for brilliant self-shades, rather than as trichromatic elements. The dyeing procedure is the same as for ERIONYL® A dyes.