Intelligent Mixtures


Dye type : Intelligent mixtures based on 1:2 metal complex, acid and reactive dyes

Providing the ultimate wool protecting system, the LANASET® system comprises:

A well-balanced range, consisting of 15 dyes, LANASET® is the industry’s most successful wool dyeing system, offering excellent repeatability and fastness properties. The range covers a much wider shade spectrum than conventional metal complex dyes.

Major applications include dyeing of wool in the form of loose stock, tops and yarn. The LANASET® system is also ideal for dyeing various popular blends with wool, including wool/polyester (WO/PES), wool/polyamide (WO/PA), wool/cellulose (WO/CEL) and wool/silk (WO/SE).

  1. LANASET® dyes
  2. ALBEGAL® SET (systematic leveling agent)
  3. pH 4.5 – 5.0 (dyeing in isoelectric range with minimum wool damage)