High IQ®

Intelligent effects

High IQ® is a performance assurance program from Huntsman Textile Effects, the world’s leading provider of textile dyes, chemicals and digital inks. Through our cutting-edge technology and expert technical advice, High IQ® delivers the most innovative range of eco-friendly intelligent textile effects available in the market today.

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Comfort Protection Performance
Cool Comfort Repel Lasting White
Active Comfort Sun protect Lasting Color



For customers

  • Assurance of reliable quality and performance
  • Innovative, high-performance effects
  • Meets industry’s strict environmental regulations

For brands and retailers

  • Assurance of reliable quality
  • Added value to the garment with innovative effects
  • Hangtag program with clear message to the consumer
  • Deliver and support innovation with broad range of intelligent effects

For Mills

  • New opportunities for differentiation
  • New effects and performance standards to keep them ahead of the game
  • Clearly defined specifications
  • Technical support provided by Huntsman's extensive global network