Huntsman, Product Highlights


Wet Rub Fastness Improver

ALBAFIX® RUB ALBAFIX® RUB is an advanced wet rub fastness improver for cellulosics and blends providing enhanced fastness properties previously unattainable without the use of harmful chemistry and negative influence on the fabrics’ natural aesthetics. ALBAFIX® RUB improves the wet rubbing fastness of dyeings and prints with reactive dyes on cellulosic fibers. It is formaldehyde-, dimethylformamide-, butanone oxime-free, free of any solvents and is bluesign® approved. Key highlights of ALBAFIX® RUB include:
  • Efficiency as a permanent rubbing fastness improver especially if a curing step has been performed
  • Free of solvents and therefore has no flash point issue
  • Can be easily applied in padding and exhaust
  • Does not negatively influence the fabric handle or other aesthetics
  • Improves the abrasion resistance of treated fabrics up to 15%
  • Does not impair the hydrophilic nature of fabrics