Unbeatable wash-off properties, preventing cross staining on knitted cotton articles
AVITERA® Deep Sea SEPreAVITERA® Deep Sea SE dye is an extraordinary intense new navy element for achieving deep navy shades in an economic and ecological way. As the first p-chloroaniline (pca) free navy dye on the market, it sets a new industry benchmark in meeting stringent product compliance and Restricted Substance List (RSL) standards.

Combining highest operational excellence and outstanding fastness performance unattainable with other navies, AVITERA® Deep Sea SE dye is a precious pearl in the range of AVITERA® SE dyes.

Key Benefits:
  • Achieve intense navy shades with abilities for build up towards black
  • First p-chloroaniline (pca) free navy dye, fully compliant with RSLs
  • New benchmark for light and chlorine fastness
  • Immense water and energy savings while enhancing profitability
  • Outstanding operational excellence
  • Low temperature high speed wash-off performance for highest productivity

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