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NOVACRON® Brilliant Yellow EC-4G

High Performance Reactive Dye Range

NovacronNOVACRON® Brilliant Yellow EC-4G is our new brilliant addition to the NOVACRON® EC range replacing NOVACRON® Yellow C-5G as our main brilliant yellow for the bright, greenish Yellow area. The new dyestuff is non-phototropic and suitable for exhaust & pad application. NOVACRON® Brilliant Yellow EC-4G can be combined with all dyes of the NOVACRON® EC range. Commonly used commodity brilliant yellow dyes e.g. Reactive Yellow 160 display low fixation rate leading to moderate wash off, limited build up and bad reproducibility. Resulting to high processing costs and reduced productivity. Our new bi-reactive NOVACRON® Brilliant Yellow EC-4G is offering a sustainable solution with high performance, outstanding wash off at an attractive total process cost.