Huntsman, Product Highlights


Exceeding the boundaries of high-performance polyester and its blends

Terasil ® W/WW

Major brands and retailers are demanding outstanding wash fastness for high-performance polyester and its blends. As your innovation partner, Huntsman Textile Effects would like to highlight our superior wash fast disperse dyes offering to meet your requirements: TERASIL® Blue W, breakthrough technology for dyeing polyester and its blends, the latest addition to our TERASIL® W/WW range of wash fast disperse dyes.
  • Highly recommended for 40°C/104°F, 60°C/140°F and 49°C/120°F wash fastness
  • Outstanding stability to reduction, leading to excellent shade reproducibility
  • Outstanding perspiration fastness
  • Excellent build up & high coloristic strength
  • Excellent fastness to dry heat
TERASIL® Black WW-KSN (150%) and TERASIL® Navy WW-GSN, set the industry benchmark:
  • Outstanding wash fastness to meet the most stringent brand requirements
  • Enhanced productivity and increased operational excellence
  • Best-in-class for home laundry at any wash temperature
  • No color bleeding during production, storage or home laundry
TERASIL® Black W-S meets most industry needs at competitive cost:
  • Fit-for-purpose with best cost performance ratio
  • Enhanced productivity and increased operational excellence
  • Highly recommended for 40°C/104°F wash fastness
All products are bluesign® approved and suitable for STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified textile products