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VITO, a well established practitioner in the field of life cycle assessments, has commisioned a research project looking at the potential environmental life cycle assessment to have an independent view on the environmental impact of different green roof materials in use.

Together with Huntsman, they presented the Life Cycle Assessment at the SETAC conference in Copenhagen, Denmark and recently at the ERSCP conference in Istanbul - Turkey.


Main conclusion was:


"From the comparative LCA study, it can be concluded that the application of VYDRO® substrate in green roofs can help reduce the potential environmental impacts of the complete life cycle of green roofs."



"The results of the LCA for a green roof with VYDRO® substrate in a temperate climate show that most environmental impacts are related to the production of the raw materials for the VYDRO® substrate. For the green roof with VYDRO® substrate in Mediterranean climate, the transportation of the relatively small amount of basalt/lava that is needed in the construction is almost equally important. For the modeling of the transportation steps, fuel formulas were used relating the fuel consumption and emissions of a certain truck to the effective load of the truck.



When looking at the conventional green roof systems, the transportation phase becomes even more important in the environmental profile. In temperate and Mediterranean climate, the green roof with VYDRO® substrates scores better in most environmental impact categories based on life cycle impact assessment mentioned in the EN 15804."



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