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About Vydro

VYDRO® substrate is a flexible plant-growing material that can boost the appearance and reduce the maintenance of grass in public and private gardens.

With a unique capillary structure capable of storing up to 30 times its own weight in water, VYDRO® substrate locks in exactly the right balance of air and water needed to optimize successful plant development.


Tests, conducted in Tunisia by ENGREF (the French Forestry Education Institute) and the National Agronomic Institute of Tunisia, have proved that grass grown on VYDRO® substrate requires up to 40 percent less irrigation – an exciting proposition for designers and landscape architects working on municipal, recreational, hotel and business park planting projects.


Under controlled conditions, agronomy experts assessed the impact of water reduction on grass samples grown both with and without VYDRO® substrate.


When irrigation was reduced by just 20 percent, the conventional grass samples became stressed and turned yellow.


By contrast, grass planted on the VYDRO® substrate retained its verdant green color, even when watering was reduced by almost half.

grass graph

keeping grass lush for longer and dramatically reducing the need for watering