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About Vydro landscaping


Grassed areas in towns and cities offer a green oasis away from hard asphalt, brick, concrete and metal surfaces of roads, pavements and buildings. Providing an important counterbalance, lawns can help improve biodiversity, filter out air pollution and reduce rainwater runoff.

Keeping green grass alive in parks, gardens and recreational areas requires a lot of water, a commodity in increasingly short supply – particularly in countries prone to droughts and prolonged dry periods.

By reducing the need for regular watering, VYDRO® substrate can help to conserve water while keeping grass at its best – an attractive proposition for municipal, recreational, hotel and business park landscaping projects.

grass park

Benefits of using VYDRO® substrate for landscaping:

grass comparison
  • Ultra lightweight, flexible fabric
  • Unique capillary action
  • Superb water retention / hydrophilic properties
  • Up to 40% less watering required
  • Reduces risk of yellowing grass / makes it easier to maintain green grass
  • Effects clearly visible using only a 1cm layer of VYDRO® substrate
  • Inert pH neutral open structured foam
  • Excellent water buffering
  • Uniform water and nutrient distribution
  • Rapid plant growth
  • Easy to transport
  • Simple to lay beneath turf / soil planted with grass seed
  • Versatile and long lasting
  • Compatible with a wide variety of plants