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There are 7 key reasons to install a green roof

1) Assist with water management

As it is retaining rainwater for plant consumption, run-off is minimized, which reduces the risk of localized flooding.


2) Improve a building's insulating envelope

The green roof is adding an extra layer of insulation, which boosts the energy efficiency and reduces heating and cooling costs up to 5 percent.


3) Reduce the impact of urbanisation

Plants improve urban air quality by filtering out polluting particles that create smog.


4) Decrease the Urban Heat Island Effect

The widespread use of heat-absorbing materials like concrete and asphalt make cities up to 10 degrees hotter than rural areas. Adding more foliage into metropolitan areas reduces this problem.

green roof


5) Improve biodiversity

Green roofs provide a safe refuge for native insect, bird and animal species that might struggle otherwise to thrive in a mass of concrete, glass and asphalt.


6) Reduce building maintenance costs

Green roofs dramatically increase a roof's life expectancy by shielding it from the impact of weather and sunlight.


7) Counter urban sprawl

Green roofs help create a more aesthetically pleasing built environment – a sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of metropolitan life. They also reduce noise pollution by dampening sound and decreasing the number of hard surfaces available for sound to reflect off.

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