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Keith Day - Vice President

Welcome to the Huntsman Polyurethanes VYDRO® website


We hope your visit is informative and provides you with everything you are looking for
regarding smart water management.

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VYDRO® substrate is an innovative material that has the ability to capture many times its own weight in water and then release it back, slowly, over time.

Providing a steady supply of water, in circumstances where this precious natural resource is scarce or only available periodically, VYDRO® substrate is ideally suited to plant growth.

The result is robust green roofs and living walls, improved viability and crop yields in agricultural applications and substantially lower watering needs for grass in recreational settings such as parks and golf courses.


VYDRO® substrate is a unique fabric that can deliver powerful results, but like all technologies it must be used properly to achieve the best outcome. Choosing the correct partners to install it as part of a specific application is key.


That’s why we’ve invested significant time and energy in identifying leading affiliates across the green roof, living wall and landscape management sectors. Specialists in their field, these companies can ensure that installations employing VYDRO® are optimized to deliver maximum benefit.


More information about the work of our associates is available throughout this site.




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Troelstra & De Vries

ELT India




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Around the world VYDRO® substrate is proving transformative in a variety of projects where smart water management is a necessity. The list of applications is continually growing but we’re always looking to expand into new areas and geographies.


Please contact our commercial team to discuss how we could turn VYDRO® substrate to your advantage.


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