Through innovation and pioneering technology, Huntsman has established itself in this exciting market as a key MDI resin supplier. I-BOND® MDF resins can be used as the sole resin in the production of MDF quality grades like exterior grade panels, moisture resistant panels, thin panels for flooring applications and low density panels. All panels produced with 100% I-BOND® MDF resins conform to California Air Resources Board (CARB) standards CARB I and CARB II, achieve EPF-S and Japanese F**** formaldehyde emissions standards.

MDF products I-BOND® MDF EM 4330 resin is a result of Huntsman's continuous development of resin technology. The resin has the important advantage of forming a stable emulsion with water, providing better distribution on the fibres in the blow line. The result is a significant increase in panel performance.

I-BOND® MDF PM 4390 Standard polymeric MDI resin
I-BOND® MDF FC 4392 Fast cure MDI resin
I-BOND® MDF EM 4330 Emulsifiable MDI resin
I-BOND® MDF EMFC 4332 Emulsifiable fast cure MDI resin