A Commitment to the Future Huntsman's new range of I-BOND® MDI resins and I-RELEASE® agents for OSB, MDF, PB and WFI.


Glossary A brochure with commonly used terms in the forest products and isocyanate (wood related) industry. the terms listed include both wood and glue specific terms.


Bulk Storage and Dosing of I-BOND® MDI Resins for Wood Based Panel Productions Useful information to set-up suitable facilities for bulk storage and dosing of I-BOND® MDI resins.


Industrial Hygiene for I-BOND® MDI Resins An overview of the Induatrial Hygiene processes and services that can be provided.


Release Solutions for I-BOND® MDI Based Wood Panels Huntsman's new family of release systems which complement our I-BOND® range of MDI resins.


Some Facts about I-BOND® MDI Resins All the useful facts you need to know about I-BOND® resins.


Working Safely with I-BOND® MDI Resins Advise on the safe use of I-BOND® MDI resins. Includes: How to monitor production, Protective equipment, Dealing with spillage and First aid procedures.


Monograph Polyurethanes and Isocyanates used as Adhesives in Composite Wood Products. Dr Chris Phanopoulos Fifty-page monograph covering types of isocyanate and polyurethane based resins, mechanisms of adhesion and types of wood composites.


Safe use of MDI in Composite Wood Applications. Perceptions versus Reality Explanation: Huntsman illustrates why I-BOND® MDI is the best choice for workers and consumers.