AVALON® and SMARTLITE® thermoplastic urethanes and SUPRASEC® methylene diphenyl diisocyanate(MDI) for polyurethane footwear

AVALON® and SMARTLITE® thermoplastic urethanes (TPU) from Huntsman offer footwear manufacturers the freedom to easily make tough and comfortable shoes in an endless variety of designs and colors.
SUPRASEC® polyester and polyether based prepolymers have been developed for use in the production of large volume microcellular polyurethane footwear elastomers.
A wide range of applications is possible with AVALON® and SMARTLITE® TPUs and with SUPRASEC® MDI, including casual,sport and leisure and professional footwear.

Work shoes   Casual   Sport and Leisure
Designing Wearing Manufacturing
with polyurethanes polyurethanes with polyurethanes
Creative versatility
Polyurethanes allow Innovative, hi-tech and fashionable design, endless variety of shapes, surface textures and colors; easy incorporation of air-bags, inserts or gels for extra comfort and support; easy bonding to many upper types and complementary soling materials.
The right property for any use
By simply varying the formulation, polyurethanes can be made light, tough, comfortable, flexible, insulating, waterproof, slip-resistant, hard-wearing, shock absorbant, anti-static and abrasion resistant.
Flexible, fast and
low-cost production

Polyurethanes are easy to process, entail relatively low tooling and manpower costs, offer flexibility for long and short production runs, bond easily to many types of uppers and to complementary soling materials, and are in line with environmental standards.
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