Longer-lasting comfort foam for automotive seating

Pre-polymerized MDI chemistry from Huntsman is being utilized by global automotive manufacturers to obtain polyurethane flexible foams that provide outstanding comfort and durability in seating applications.

This Advanced Comfort™ foam system offers longer-lasting and dynamic comfort (more than four times longer than conventional foam), with increased elasticity that means better comfort levels for longer periods of time. Comfort and durability no longer have to be a trade-off in seating foam.
Talking technical

The Advanced Comfort foam system provides changes in dynamic modulus that are significantly different from standard polyurethane foam technologies at a broad range of densities.

The system provides significantly improved dynamic comfort characterized by lower hysteresis, lower transmissibility and enhanced vibrational damping while providing excellent durability with little change in height during ride.

• Longer-lasting comfort and more elasticity
• No change in comfort during ride
• Very little height loss
• No hardness increase over time
• Reduced weight
• Superior performance at competitive end-cost
• Extremely low emissions (low odor)

For more detailed information Advanced Comfort™ Seating:
A revolution in seating performance for the automotive industry by Chris Skinner & Christophe Ponce. (PDF, 736Kb)