Zero Harm – A Shared Value for Safety

Our greatest assets are our people. The safety of our associates, and anyone who works on a Huntsman Textile Effects site is of paramount importance to us. And for a simple reason: We want everyone to go home safely to their families each and every day

In 2019, we formalized Zero Harm and the set of principles that transform our culture to one where we genuinely and actively care for others and ourselves. Mark Devaney, VP of Global Manufacturing and Operational Excellence at Huntsman Textile Effects, shares about Zero Harm in his video message.

A shared value across the organization

Across all our locations and sites, we have a shared value for Safety through Zero Harm, a culture and mindset that are deeply rooted throughout our organization. By embodying Zero Harm as a core value, we guide our everyday actions and decisions.

It’s a culture and mindset, and also about how we conduct our business, to safeguard our people, the environment, our resources and the communities in which we operate in.

Ownership and active participation

When it comes to Zero Harm, it is about taking ownership and active participation to ensure that we and those around us are safe. Whether it’s personal safety, health, or wellness, through the behaviors we demonstrate everyday - whether at the workplace or at home, we show that we care for others and ourselves. We ensure that we create a safer environment for one other.  On our journey to Zero Harm – Together We Can.

On April 28, 2021, we commemorated World Day for Safety and Health. Here are contributions from our associates who share their personal thoughts and stories on their safety journey.

Stuart Hill, EHS Business Partner, Huntsman Textile Effects

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