Next-Gen Innovations In Antimicrobial Textile And Apparel

Huntsman Textile Effects and Sciessent, two of the most innovative companies in the textile sector, have teamed up to bring revolutionary antimicrobial and odor-control solutions to mills and brands worldwide. In an exclusive interaction with IMAGES Business of Fashion, Dhirendra Gautam, Senior Director, Global Market Strategy and Innovation, Huntsman Textile Effects and Steve Cunningham, Director of Marketing, Sciessent, elaborate on the new partnership, detailing what this new venture will mean for the industry and for the world's consumers. Excerpts:

Why are Huntsman Textile Effects and Sciessent teaming up now?
Dhirendra Singh Gautam: Health and hygiene are the first and foremost concerns today and every single consumer globally is paying attention to it. Huntsman Textile Effects and Sciessent are collaborating to help mills and brands meet the demand for textile products with long-lasting protection against microbial growth and odor. Indeed, Huntsman Textile Effects now has one of the industry's most complete end-to-end systems for high-performance protection effects, from pre-treatment to coloration and finishing.

Steve Cunningham: Sciessent has been expanding globally over the past decade to bring our innovative solutions to the global textile value chain. Our partnership with Huntsman Textile Effects will help us further extend our reach and enhance our offerings by coupling them with Huntsman technologies. Together, we will be able to help more manufacturers develop and deliver innovative active wear, outerwear, home textiles and other products that stay fresher for longer.

How will the new partnership benefit textile producers?
Dhirendra Singh Gautam: Both Huntsman Textile Effects and Sciessent share a deep commitment to innovation, environmental sustainability and customer service. To stand out in the marketplace today, brands and mills need to differentiate with high performance products that not only delight consumers and make their lives better, but that are also both cost-effective and environmentally responsible. That takes real expertise and experience – which is what this partnership will deliver.

Which Sciessent technologies will you be jointly promoting?
Steve Cunningham: Sciessent and Huntsman Textile Effects will be jointly promoting three innovative Sciessent technologies—each recognized for its effectiveness and safety.

  • Sciessent Lava XL®, a next-generation non-bioactive odor-control solution that uses zeolite minerals to capture, absorb and degrade odors.
  • Sciessent Agion® Antimicrobial. It’s the industry’s leading antimicrobial solution, delivering long-lasting protection by releasing its active antimicrobial agents only when needed.
  • Sciessent Agion Active XL®, which combines the Lava XL® and Agion® technologies to deliver garments that smell fresher for longer and sustain their performance for more wears.

How do these technologies fit into Huntsman’s protection effects portfolio?
Dhirendra Singh Gautam: These advanced Sciessent products complement our innovative Huntsman Textile Effects solutions to create a complete end-to-end system for high-performance protection effects. It covers pre-treatments that reduce processing time, resource-saving dyes and inks, durable water repellents for rain and stain protection, color-retention solutions for sustained performance, moisture-management for enhanced comfort, UV-absorbing technologies for lasting sun protection, flame retardants for high-performance functional textiles, and, now, antimicrobial and odor-control solutions, too.

Drawing on our expertise, customers can combine these technologies to create value-added products that are safe, sustainable and highly sought after.

This article first appeared on IMAGES Business of Fashion.

Dhirendra Gautam, Senior Director, Global Market Strategy and Innovation, Huntsman Textile Effects
Steve Cunningham, Director of Marketing, Sciessent

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