Industrial Adhesives

Structural bonding techniques play a critical role in today’s engineering excellence. As designers and engineers strive to bring lightweight and durable products to market within the shortest possible timeframe, they are increasingly turning to engineering adhesives to solve complex design issues.

Huntsman Advanced Materials offers a full range of adhesives to address many of the issues engineers face on a daily basis. Our complete range of industrial adhesives provides superior bonding solutions for plastic, metal and composite materials. Unlike screws, bolts, rivets or other mechanical fastening techniques, adhesives allow for the even distribution of stress across the whole of the bond area.


Benefits include:

• Design flexibility
• Assembly of dissimilar materials
• Watertight joints
• Ease of use
• Improved productivity
• Improved product performance
• Fatigue performance
• Stiffer structure
• Corrosion protection
• Vibration dampening


Types of adhesives:

Huntsman Advanced Materials offers three main structural adhesive categories:

• Epoxy-based adhesives provide excellent adhesion to metals and rigid substrates such as thermoset plastics or composites - providing high strength, excellent durability and chemical/temperature resistance with low shrinkage.
• Polyurethane-based adhesives are more suitable for thermoplastics and ideal for softer substrates.
• Methylmethacrylate-based adhesives are generally faster setting and provide excellent adhesion onto metals, composite and thermoplastic substrates.


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