Five New Aerospace Products from Huntsman Advanced Materials
5 New Aerospace Products from Huntsman Advanced Materials

On June 3rd at SAMPE Seattle 2014, Huntsman showcased 5 new products for aerospace formulators, OEMs and tier suppliers. The first product is a flame-retardant benzoxazine resin designed as an improved alternative for composite panel construction, when compared to expensive phenolic resins. This new resin can be used by itself or can be further formulated for other composite applications. Also introduced were two new high-temperature epoxy resin building blocks for composites and adhesives applications, a structural epoxy adhesive that remains flexible at very low temperatures, and an ultra-low density, flame-retardant syntactic edge filler. 

According to Carl Holt, Huntsman Marketing Manager - Aerospace Components & Adhesives, Automotive & Industrial Composites, “Based on our long-term commitment to developing next-generation aerospace products, Huntsman is pleased to introduce five new materials that will enable our aerospace customers to fabricate and assemble tougher, longer-lasting composite components for structural and interior applications.” 


5 New Aerospace Products


Epibond® 200 A/B

Technical data sheet

Epocast® 1645 FR A/B

Technical data sheet

XU® 35710 FST

Technical data sheet


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