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Improving Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles


In 2017, China had the world’s largest fleet of electric vehicles totaling 1.23 million.* As countries throughout the Asia Pacific region continue to enact stricter environmental regulations to reduce CO2 emissions, the electric car grows in popularity. To help reduce CO2 emissions and dependency on fossil fuel, plug-in and battery-powered electric vehicles are gaining popularity in the Asia Pacific region. Huntsman is developing products to enhance power density, improve reliability and extend the life of these electric motors. At the Advanced Technology Center in Shanghai, Huntsman is working to replace traditional technology with a novel encapsulant that offers high thermal conductivity and crack resistance. The new encapsulant reduces the operating temperature of the motor, enabling smaller, lighter-weight motors that use less energy and get greater vehicular distance between charges.

• Source: Forbes, Electric Car Sales Are Surging In China, June 1, 2018