10 Dec 08
Araldite®Digitalis Wins EuroMold 2008 Innovation Gold Award

Araldite® Digitalis developed by Huntsman Advanced Materials has won the EuroMold-AWARD 2008 Gold Prize on December 3, 2008 in Frankfurt, the first opening day of the exhibition. EuroMold-AWARD aims at honoring the three best products and services out of the broad spectrum of EuroMold which can be considered extraordinary in innovation according to international aspects.  The neutral jury consisting of renowned experts of the industry, universities, research institutes and the trade press evaluates the submissions.

Philippe Michaud, Global Technology Director, Huntsman Advanced Materials said: “I am delighted for everyone in the team to have won this prestigious award. Araldite®Digitalis fast uniform approach and accuracy will shape the future of rapid product development and manufacturing. “We are known for our work in advanced material chemistry and we have developed rapid manufacturing technology for an industry which we are so familiar with. Araldite® Digitalis is the result.”

Araldite® Digitalis is a new rapid manufacturing machine capable of producing large numbers of parts simultaneously at speed and with high accuracy. It is based on entirely new MEMS (micro-electro mechanical system) technology and is superior to any other radiation curing technique on the market. It is neither based on lasers nor on light reflecting MEMS as used in 3D printers.

At the heart of Araldite® Digitalis is an  MLS MicroLightSwitch®, a radical new exposure system operating via a computer controlled micro-mechanical shutter system which selectively exposes a larger surface area of radiation curable resin in a single step.  The exposure, rather than a laser which exposes one point at a time, enables much faster and accurate manufacturing even of very complex parts.

Araldite® Digitalis opens the way to a greater range of possible applications and a new era in rapid manufacturing. It significantly reduces production times and thereby cost s. Easy to use and maintain, the competitive benefits of Araldite® Digitalis grow exponentially as the number, size and complexity of parts produced increases.

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