History of Innovation

Huntsman redefines innovation every day. Through our Technical Competence Centers, we conduct rigorous research and experimentation while monitoring relevant laws, regulations, and policies worldwide. Combining the expertise of chemists with business partners and skilled sales and technical specialists, we develop initiatives and provide certified technologies. This translates into enhanced value for our customers. In addition, we firmly believe in acting responsibly towards our people, our community, and society at large. Technology never stands still, and neither do we. Through smarter ideas and new scientific solutions, Huntsman is working to meet the challenging and developing needs of society. Our achievements are built on a solid foundation of core values that inspire integrity, teamwork, and superior results.

Araldite multifunctional epoxy resins The use of lighter-weight composite parts to build airplanes has taken off, thanks to Araldite® epoxy resins made by Huntsman.

new pest control systems We create new pest control systems and animal health products that increase yields with minimal environmental impact.

Natural gas producers Natural gas producers and crude oil refiners rely on Huntsman’s gas treating amines to make their products safe for domestic or industrial use.