VYDRO® substrate is a lightweight, hydrophilic material that makes it far easier to grow plants in arid areas and introduce lush greenery to barren cityscapes, traditionally dominated by concrete and asphalt.

With outstanding absorption properties, this intelligent growing fabric can be employed as the central technology in a wide range of green roof, living wall and landscaping projects. Dramatically outperforming conventional planting materials, VYDRO® substrate:

  • weighs up to 70 percent less than other green roof systems
  • retains at least twice as much water as other substrates with a comparable thickness
  • stores exactly the right balance of air and water to optimize plant growth
  • is easily transported and installed
  • helps reduce watering by at least 40 percent in landscaping applications
  • can be rehydrated over multiple growing cycles.
The benefits of VYDRO® substrate

Used in green roofs, living walls and landscaping projects, VYDRO® substrate can make a positive contribution to bland urban environments, helping to:

  • improve water management
  • decrease the urban heat island effect (UHIE)
  • reduce the impact of urbanization
  • enhance biodiversity.
It can also help increase a building’s insulating envelope and reduce maintenance and ongoing running costs.


Visit the VYDRO® web site for more information.

Three core water management applications
A lightweight solution for the construction of green roofs and skygardens.
living walls
A flexible fabric to reduce the total system weight of living walls and keep plant roots hydrated for longer.
living wall
An ideal grass-growing medium for landscaping projects in dry, arid countries where water is in short supply.