Enabling Solutions for the First Premium Sustainable Car at BMW

Back in 2013, BMW launched the i3 model, the first light-weight and electric vehicle in high-volume production. A critical element in the success of this BMW project was the use of an advanced epoxy system developed by Huntsman Advanced Materials, enabling lightweight carbon fiber composite used in key parts of the structures of the i3.

An advanced resin transfer molding system is now the only system qualified by use in this flagship sustainable vehicle for BMW because of its fast processing speed, superior mechanical properties and cost effectiveness. This development has led to a weight reduction of 50%, compared to similar metal components, and a one-third reduction in the number of parts needed to make a conventional steel body - delivering real significant gains in carbon emission performance compared to standard vehicles.

The hard work and dedication of a cross-functional team has led to significant business growth, which is now accelerating and creating new opportunities with other automotive customers, both with the existing system and in new applications such as composite wheels.