Alternative Water Usage

In India, Huntsman’s Pune site performs onsite treatment of wastewater and has achieved zero discharge offsite.  All treated wastewater is used onsite for landscaping, thereby conserving fresh water. In 2017, Pune installed new water meters and started regular monitoring and action to control water use. The following year, the site implemented a drip irrigation system, which applies water more directly to soil, to reduce losses from evaporation.

Also in India, our Baroda site has installed recharge wells that meet regulatory requirements to replenish aquifers with rainwater. At a nearby village school, our associates installed one recharge well that, in 2018, recharged an estimated 2,100 cubic meters of rainwater. Following that success, they installed an additional recharge well in 2019. 

In Indonesia, our Gandaria site reduces consumption of fresh water by collecting and using rainwater for onsite landscaping. Like Baroda, it, too, has installed recharge wells that meet regulatory requirements to replenish aquifers with rainwater. 

In Italy, our Azeglio site completed a rainwater recovery project in 2018 that reduced fresh water consumption. 

Emergency Response Plans (ERP)

Huntsman has a responsibility to internal and external stakeholders to provide a safe and secure environment. Corporate EHS Procedure EHS-205 (Facility Emergency Preparedness and Response Plans) ensures our facilities are appropriately prepared to respond to foreseeable emergency situations that might potentially impact our associates, the public or the environment. Each facility is required to develop, implement and maintain written emergency preparedness and response plans, and to conduct routine self-audits to ensure compliance. Corporate EHS also conducts management system audits on a 5-year basis. 

This procedure applies to all facilities owned or operated by Huntsman – including manufacturing facilities, advanced technology centers, research and development facilities, and key business centers. It typically does not apply to joint ventures in which Huntsman is a minority owner, nor to third-party warehouses and tollers, unless specifically requested.