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REACH and Customers

Huntsman only sells products that comply with applicable laws, including REACH. Huntsman has pre-registered all of the phase-in substances that it manufactures in, or imports into, the European Economic Area (EEA) that are subject to Title II of the REACH Regulation. Huntsman has also registered all substances that were due for registration in 2010, 2013 and continues to register substances within the REACH timeframe. In addition, Huntsman has set up in-house procedures and systems to ensure that purchased raw materials and any changes in suppliers, new product development, new substances and new uses of substances are all REACH compliant.

REACH has additional requirements on communication in the supply chain. These include a new Safety Data Sheet (SDS) format and new information obligations on products and/or articles containing more than 0,1% Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC). Furthermore, there may be an indirect impact if customer(s) / importer(s) within the EEA have registration and other obligations as an importer.

Huntsman customers, located within the EEA, should have received login details, enabling access to the company’s REACH web portal at To assist with managing REACH compliance, Huntsman may from time-to-time ask questions via this dedicated, secure, online resource.

Huntsman customers located outside the EEA have no direct REACH obligations, but should note that exports may be affected if the business, or its customers, export to any of the European Union (EU) Member States plus Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway, which together form the EEA. Products supplied by Huntsman from within the EEA to customers located outside the EEA are REACH compliant.

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